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Can cannabis fight cancer?

Cancer is a major cause of death across the United States. Everyone has been touched by cancer somehow or another. We have all heard on how cannabis can help ease the symptoms of cancer patients but how exactly does it help?

For years cannabis has been known to help with treating pain, helping with nausea and also helping patients gain their appetite back but research is now showing that cannabis has cancer and tumor fighting properties.

Cannabinoids (chemical compounds in the cannabis flower) mimic your bodies endocannabinoid system which is responsible for keeping your bodies functions such as — pain, immune system, appetite and sleep in balance. When your body is out of balance and in a state of stress, your endocannabinoids work to correct this imbalance. The endocannabinoids in cannabis enables your body to restore its sense of balance, which is one of the reasons cannabis works so well in treating cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with this condition and are interested in trying medical marijuana, call us at 501.282.4341 for your certification.

My Medical Card Compassionate Care Clinic 173 Marion Anderson Road, Suite 1 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 501.282.4341 •

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