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Battling Alzheimer’s Disease with Cannabis

Alzheimers disease is a progressive neurological disease that depletes neurons from the brain. It slows memory, thinking and eventually can lead to extreme difficulty in some of the most simple tasks. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s and the condition is a slow progression typically starting with patients later in life. Medications are used to help manage symptoms but some are turning to cannabis to help manage the debilitating disease as well. THC has been shown to lower the production of plaque in the brain which can slow disease progression. Cannabis also has many anti-inflammatory properties and it is also know to stimulate cell growth in areas of the brain affecting memory. If you have been diagnosed with this condition and are interested in trying medical marijuana, call us at 501.282.4341 for your certification.

My Medical Card Compassionate Care Clinic 173 Marion Anderson Road, Suite 1 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 501.282.4341 •

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